Staging Your Home for a Quick Sale

Here are some things to keep in mind when selling your home:

  • Say “Bye,Bye to Clutter”
  • Depersonalize your home ~ people want to see what they will look like in your home, not how your items look in your home.  Start packing and getting family photos out of site.
  • FLOAT your Furniture” – furnish your space by floating furniture away from walls. Reposition sofas and chairs into cozy conversational groups, and place pieces so that the traffic flow in a room is obvious. Not only will this make the space more user-friendly, but it will open up the room and make it seem larger.
  • Room Transformations – If you have a room that only serves to hold junk – transform this area into a functional space. The simple addition of a comfortable armchair, a small table and a lamp in a stairwell nook will transform it into a cozy reading spot.
  • Home Lighting – Aim for a total of 100 watts for each 50 square feet.
  • Make small spaces seem bigger – To make a room appear to be bigger than it is, paint it the same color as the adjacent room. If you have a small kitchen and dining room, a seamless look will make both rooms feel like one big space.
  • Neutral and Appealing – Painting a living room a fresh neutral color helps tone down any dated finishes in the space.
  • Don’t Forget to “Raid Your Yard” – Staged homes are almost always graced with fresh flowers and pricey orchid arrangements, but you can get a similar effect simply by raiding your yard.  Don’t forget to make sure the lawn is mowed, Yard debris is cleared and the home has appropriate curb appeal.
  • Serene and Inviting – Create a relaxing bedroom setting with luxurious linens and soft colors that will make a potential home buyer want to hang out. Bedroom staging trick: If you don’t have the money to buy a new bed, just get the frame, buy an inexpensive air mattress and dress it up with neutral-patterned bedding.
  • New Faces / Freshen Your Kitchen – If you can’t afford new cabinets, just get new doors and drawer fronts. Then paint everything to match and add new hardware. And instead of replacing the entire dishwasher, you may be able to get a new front panel. Check with the manufacturer to see if replacements are available for your model.

Best Season to Buy a Home

Ever think about the season and how they affect Buyers and Sellers?

If you time it right, you may be able to find the house of your dreams at a price that you can afford. There are times during the year when your chances of finding a home that you like may be optimized; at these times there are a large number of homes on the market. There are other times when there are only a few people house hunting and you may have a competitive edge by looking to buy your home then. Of course, a good time to buy a home can also depend on your personal situation. It can therefore be worth your while to consider timing your house hunting to maximize your chances before embarking on your quest.
According to data from the National Association of REALTORS®, the months between April and July are when the most house sales take place. Many homeowners choose this time of year to sell their homes as it is vacation time and there is nicer weather. Buyers are often reluctant to uproot themselves while their children are in school and when the weather makes moving difficult. Given the number of houses on the market during spring, it can be an optimal time for house hunting, as your chances of finding a home that meets your needs are increased. However, as spring is the busiest time for the house buying market, it also means that property prices are often at their highest. The demand for houses during this time means that owners are likely to hold strong to their asking prices. Perhaps there are good deals out there, but you will need to be prepared to search further afield.
While the number of properties on the market during off-season are fewer, their prices are likely to be lower than during peak times such as spring. If you are able to wait until off-season, you have a good chance of finding a home that you like for less than it would cost you at another time of year. Additionally, during this period of low demand, mortgage lenders are sometimes willing to forego some of their fees in order to win customers, so you may be able to pick up a good deal on your mortgage.
For example, right before spring begins, when homeowners are just beginning to list their properties, may be an optimal time to start your house search. There’ll be less competition and the owners may not yet have settled on a firm sale price for their home.
Another time to find a good deal is between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, when other home buyers may be put off by the inclement weather and busy with the holidays. Generally, home prices are also at a 12-month low in December and the owner of a house on the market in the lead up to Christmas may be willing to negotiate on the price. Good deals on homes can also be found when there are announcements of mass lay-offs or when corporate offices move. There could be a glut of homes on the market, as a result, that could be right for you.
Personal and economic factors
You may want to delay your search for a new home until interest rates are low so that your mortgage will cost comparatively less. Interest rates are commonly affected by economic factors such as inflation, the cost of living and market conditions.
If you are planning to purchase a house late in the year, you may want to ask a tax preparer whether there are any tax deductions that can be made. Depending on their advice, it could be more advantageous for you to either purchase the house by the end of that year or to wait until early the following year. Ultimately, the best time to buy a house is when it’s a good time for you. If you are changing jobs or moving interstate, that may be the best time for you to think about a new home. Likewise, if you are getting married then finding a house to buy could be a priority.


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